CEHS Research and Design Studio

The studio is a space for you to have ideas, share those ideas with others, prototype designs, and show them off. Don’t be shy about using the space, it exists thanks to  student technology fees and college-wide support. If you are a student, staff, or faculty member in CEHS please consider yourself welcome to use the lab for class and personal projects!


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.30.22Zoe Falls: Studio Coordinator, Zoe is mostly likely the person you will meet if you pop in during studio hours, she is interested in making and learning and is also responsible for keeping the studio smelling like coffee, contact her at: zoe.falls@huskers.unl.edu


Andrew Zimbroff: Co-Director, Andrew leads human-centered design workshops and co-leads the design incubator, he is interested in digital fabrication to benefit all Nebraskans, he can calibrate practically anything, contact him at: zimbroff@unl.edu

circularme_Justin Olmanson: Co-Director, Justin leads classroom integration efforts and co-leads the design incubator, he is interested in making new things possible and reducing barriers to expression, his next personal project involves using the laser cutter to create an etching of the migrant butterfly to hang up in his office. His website, @olmansju, or contact him at: jolmanson2@unl.edu

We see design as a form of expression, and the studio as an enabling space for increasing organizational design understanding and capacity. We also see design as a vehicle for overcoming of barriers to expression & learning.

Opened in 2016–thanks to a space allocation by CEHS Dean Marjorie Kostelnik and an internal technology innovation grant award–we provide community digital fabrication support focused on a range of themes under the umbrella of design for undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty from across six College of Education and Human Sciences departments [CYFS, EDPS, NHS, SPED, TMFD, TLTE].

We provide human centered design, prototyping, and fabrication support for individuals and groups connected in some way to CEHS, UNL, Lincoln, or the greater Nebraska community. To date, we have supported students and faculty in sections of TEAC 259, TEAC 259A, TEAC 443, TEAC 880B, TEAC 882J, TMFD 104,  TMFD 212, and TMFD 412.

If you are CEHS, UNL, or Nebraska affiliated and interested in using the space for individual, group, organization, or course projects please contact us.