Design Incubator


If you like to make things instead of buy things, customize things yourself, sew, cook, code, chisel, chop, draw, paint, embroider, sculpt, 3D model, or burn holes in things with lasers the Design Incubator is for you! We meet about once a month, getting together to talk about our ideas, work on projects, and make stuff. Sometimes we think about how design might be useful in combating violence and hate-crimes, sometimes we learn about a particular tool or maker practice, and sometimes we just get together and share ideas and eat grapes or what ever snacks people bring.

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You don’t need to wait for a meeting to come tour or use the lab. Just use the Calendar link to find an Open Studio time that works for you!

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The Design Incubator is a design-positive, ongoing, wide-ranging, open-ended community engaged in improving lives and strengthening communities. Ideas about creating new social, personal, and/or educational practices, experiences, and human ecologies via design, design ethnography, design research, and human-centered design thinking. Ideas may become prototypes, prototypes may get developed, implemented, & studied w/in community contexts.